SEVERNE ENIGMA iQFOIL 210-250 - Severne Enigma IQFOIL Boom

€1.476,00 EUR
Looking for a boom for Olympic foiling? Then the Severne Enigma IQFOIL is the go-to! This boom is specially designed for this unique class and has the best technologies available.
This Enigma boom is perfect to use in combination with the Severne IQFOIL HGO and Apex.
The boom, mast and sail are aimed at the Olympic foil class which will take place in 2024. The Enigma IQFOIL has a length of 210cm that reaches up to 250cm.
A wider end piece has been made for the foil sails so that the sail doesn't get in contact with the boom. Furthermore, the boom is very light (3.5 kg) given its stiffness.

Features of the Severne Enigma IQFOIL:

  • Windsurf olympic foil boom
  • 210-250 centimeters
  • 3.5 kilograms